Hello, and Welcome..

..to my contractually-necessitated website.

Have you ever heard, or said, that there’s more than one way to do something?

Ghoti is an idiosyncratic spelling of Fish


My name is David, and I have been operating Internet related services continuously since 1996.

Ghoti Limited was incorporated in 2003 to own and operate dedicated network and server infrastructure and resources to carry on these activities.

Services provided draw upon my 25 years’ experience in the UK Internet industry, building and operating everything from small website and e-mail services to national Internet Service Provider infrastructure, strategy, and policy.

With clients coming via personal introduction, acquaintance, and word of mouth, Ghoti hasn’t even needed a website of its own until becoming obligated by contract, in 2021, to publish certain information on one.


Services are underpinned by belief and trust in standards, simplicity, modularity, elegance, recognition that “one size doesn’t fit all”, and a passion for the utmost customer care and experience.

Here is a short summary of some of the services provided. This isn’t an exhaustive list.


UK-based Virtual Machines, Website, DNS, and E-mail hosting are available.

Domain Names

UK Domain names may be newly registered or transferred in from another registrar.

Registrations subject to special rules and qualifying criteria such as in the ltd.uk, sch.uk, and other second-level namespaces, are supported.

Important policy information for Domain Name services is here


Consultancy services draw upon broad experience from more than two decades in design, implementation, operation, strategy, and policy roles for service provider networks and systems.

Please note that I am not seeking new consultancy clients at this time, but can refer enquiries to others I know and trust.


 hello (-at-) ghoti.ltd.uk